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250+ Page Guide Book, 1,800 Chat-GPT Business Prompts, 80 Fun Worksheets & Playbooks Plus Templates

The Business Framework
For Using Chat-GPT

Excerpt: Implementing and creating your own framework, such as the Purpose to Profit Framework, not only provides a clear, structured pathway but also amplifies the benefits derived from utilizing Chat-GPT. This approach ensures that you save time and mitigate frustration by obtaining deeply relevant and strategically aligned answers from the get-go. It also safeguards against potential misalignments and miscommunications that can occur without a clear blueprint, such as off-brand messaging, misaligned strategies, or ineffective communication.

Step 1:
Baseline C.O.R.E Alignment

Excerpt: Leverage Chat-GPT to embed your core values, mission, and vision into every piece of communication, ensuring authenticity and consistency across all interactions, whether with ....

  • Building the Foundation: Aligning Purpose with Profit

  • Navigating Business Purpose with Chat-GPT

  • Crafting Authenticity

  • Example Prompt: Articulating Core Values:

    • "Chat-GPT, help me articulate our core value of [specific value] in a [brief, empathic] message to our customers."

Step 2:
Attracting Magnetic Customers

Excerpt: Crafting Targeted Messages: Speak Their Language
Once you understand your customers, the next step is to speak their language. Chat-GPT can generate messages that are not just aligned with their needs and desires but also articulated in a manner that resonates with them.

  • Understanding Customer Pain Points

  • Developing Customer Personas:

    • "Char-GPT, help me create a detailed customer persona based on [specific industry/target market]."

Step 3:
Profitable Products Roadmap

Excerpt: Leveraging Chat-GPT as a creative partner in brainstorming sessions can yield a plethora of innovative ideas, ensuring your product roadmap is ...

  • Crafting a Winning Product Roadmap

    • "Chat-GPT, assist us in identifying potential gaps in our current [product/service] roadmap that we might have overlooked."

Step 4:

Buyer Pathways & Offer Stepping

Excerpt: It’s about ensuring that from the first touchpoint to the last, your customers are not just moving but are engaged, connected, and compelled, sailing smoothly from awareness to advocacy.

  • Mapping Buyers Journey

    • "Chat-GPT, what are the key touchpoints in the buyer’s journey for [specific product/service]?"

Plus Bonus!

Product Roadmap Canva Template

Step 5:

The Automatic Sales Funnel

Excerpt: Picture this: your leads, gently and persuasively guided through each stage of the funnel, experiencing a journey that’s not only logical but also deeply personalized and engaging.

  • Personalized Content Recommendations

    • "Chat-GPT, what kind of personalized content would resonate with a [specific demographic, e.g., 'millennial'] who's exploring [specific product/service]?"

Step 6:

Conversion Pathways

Excerpt: ... ensuring that every message, interaction, and step in the customer journey is not just a transaction, but an experience that is deeply personal, engaging, and optimized for conversion.

  • Feedback Response

    • "Craft a feedback mechanism for [specific product/service] that encourages user engagement."

  • Feedback Response

    • "Craft a feedback mechanism for [specific product/service] that encourages user engagement."

Step 7:

Brand Build Out

Excerpt: The online space has its nuances. Learn how to tweak your brand voice for different online platforms using Chat-GPT.

  • “Suggest types of imagery that resonate with a [luxury/traditional/modern] brand feel."

  • "How can I adapt my brand voice for a younger audience on platforms like TikTok or Instagram?"

Step 8:

Tech Stack & Operations

Excerpt: Ensure that your operations are not just efficient but also aligned with your purpose, with Chat-GPT assisting in refining processes and systems to ensure that they are not just profitable but also purposeful.

  • "Chat-GPT, help me create a customer feedback form that not only gathers data about our [specific product/service] but also delves deeper into understanding their emotional and practical experiences with our brand?"

Step 9:

Messaging System

Excerpt: Craft promotional messages and campaigns that are not just persuasive but also deeply resonant with your purpose, ensuring that every communication is an opportunity to build connection and drive conversions.

  • "Chat-GPT, help me develop a promotional campaign for our [type of product or service] that aligns with our core purpose of [specific brand purpose], ensuring that each message not only drives conversions but also builds a deeper connection with our audience."

Plus Bonus!

Brand Kit Canva Template

"In an era where AI plays an integral role in shaping industries, the book and workbook combo, 'Chat-GPT For Experts' offers a tangible and implementable roadmap for experts to harness its potential."

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"Success doesn't happen by chance; it's the result of intentional planning and focused action. I've distilled my years of experience and expertise into powerful programs that empower service-based businesses to thrive. Together, let's map out your path to success and unlock the true potential of your business." - Gosia Margie Witko, Creator, The Experts Method.

I've built a diverse career in my decades-long professional life, starting in network engineering and cyber security before establishing a media & photography agency. Now I lead an online digital growth company in the services sector.

Throughout my career, I've naturally become a mentor, recognized for my patience and ability for instilling clarity and value from our very first conversation. I excel at guiding individuals to uncover untapped potential and identify opportunities they haven't noticed, mistakes they may have made, all within a nurturing and supportive environment.

When I ran my agency, I noticed, that while I was able to enjoy working my own hours because of the framework, process and system I had developed and put in place, other people in my space were burning-out and not thriving. They began asking me how I was able to achieve what I did and I started sharing my process and system. It worked for them too.

Once I realized that many small service-based business owners were frequently caught in a cycle of repeating the same errors due to a lack of a framework, process, and system, I directed my expertise in marketing, systems engineering, training, mentoring, and support towards creating a tailored solution to address this specific challenge for them. In 2008, I started crafting The EXPERTS Method, originally known as Marketing MAPS. It was among the first frameworks in the market to be recognized as a best practice for service-based business models within the small business service industry.

Today, The Experts Growth Company helps entrepreneurs make more money while working less time and finding new freedom by building their own frameworks along with powerful processes and systems. I'm certain my team and I can do the same for you with one of our programs.

"As solid as can be because it works!"

You want to pull up your sleeve & build your brand? Then stop shopping around. This framework is it!

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speaking with you for this last hour has fireworks going off in my head and my heart. I appreciate your ability to speak on this subject from both sides of your brain.

I appreciate Gosia’s ability to guide from the head and the heart.

- Veronica Ciandre, IloveIsola.com

"Excellent Customer Service!!"

- Tymesha R. Bland


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Yes! It's designed to be user-friendly, even for beginners. Whether you're just starting out or have experience, you'll find the tools and resources provided intuitive and easy to use.

What kind of business does this work for?

This has been developed specifically for service based businesses -any business which offers added value in the form of online help/information. It's great for all types of coaches, mentors, authors, course creators, consultants, online marketers.

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We certainly do! You can reach out to our team at anytime.

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