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How One Paid Digital PLANNER Builds My List And Upsells Into My OTHER Programs ON AUTOPILOT


Create a paid digital roadmap planner that attracts new customers because people who buy planners are action takers and are ready to upgrade into your larger programs and courses. They just need reassurance that you are the one to help them.

No more spending hours on free calls that end up costing you your precious time!

Reduce those free calls & get your time back!

Freebies don't generate sales, roadmap Planners do!

  • Find new customers by growing a list of potential customers who are ready to take action.

  • Build an offer so good that they simply can't ignore - a low ticket offer that sells AND covers ad costs if you do ads!

  • Establish instant credibility and trust with any audience by simply helping them and delivering value with the Roadmap Offer Method Planner that sells.

  • A new way to upsell people into your higher level consulting, coaching, courses, or any service without having to give away your precious time doing unpaid calls.

Crafting a roadmap planner that hits the market with results requires a structured approach, and that's exactly what the Roadmap Offer Method is here to offer. Dive into a comprehensive package designed to guide you through creating your own Roadmap Planner that generates new customers.

✅ A comprehensive 250-page book that guides you along your path.

✅ Detailed workbook with 40-page worksheets for actionable steps.

✅ An insightful 14-page Chat-GPT workbook.

✅ Immediate digital download and endless online access for seamless progress tracking.

With this robust roadmap planner kit, you're set to:

✅ Launch a value-packed low ticket offer that not only brings in additional income but could also cover your advertising expenses.

✅ Cultivate a list of genuine buyers, ready and eager for more.

✅ Upsell your higher services knowing you have an audience that buys.

Here's Everything You Get

A Book, Workbook, AI Prompts Guide, plus online access to manage & track your progress. This isn't just an ordinary Roadmap Planner.

Includes Unlimited Online Access

  • Roadmap Offer Method - GUIDE BOOK $29

  • Roadmap Offer Method - WORKBOOK $18

  • Roadmap Offer Method - AI PROMPTS $18

  • Unlimited Online Tracker - Online $24

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Get guided on what to do and how to do it step by step with a 250 page Instructions Book, a 40 page Workbook and 16 page AI Prompts Workbook created specifically for the Roadmap Offer Method to map out your own roadmap planner to sell.

In addition to getting an immediate download, you'll also receive everything in a user-friendly online course book where you can manage & track your progress.

250 Page Instructions Book

40 Page Workbook

16 Page AI Prompts Guide

250 Page Book With Instructions to Guide You

Chapter 1
Name Your Roadmap Planner

  • Name your roadmap planner

  • Why this should be done last to avoid these mistakes

Chapters 2 & 3
Align With The Customer That Buys

  • How to align with the right customer

  • Understanding your target audience

  • Creating an empathy map

  • Finding dream clients

Chapter 4

Discover Unique Ideas

  • Relevant search term examples for numerous coaching/consulting types

  • How to validate your ideas

  • Where to go for market research

Chapter 5


  • How to create effective content for your planner

  • Planning, structuring, and writing your planner

  • What to leave out and what to include in your planner to make sure you're giving the right value and not giving away everything.

Chapter 6 & 7

Design & Development

  • Presenting your planner

  • Sample roadmap planner names for various coaching/consulting types

  • TOC examples for numerous coaching/consulting types

Chapter 8:

Grow a Business With Your Roadmap

  • How to use the roadmap planner to finance your business growth with an easy self liquidating offer

  • Refining your roadmap planner sales page with sample sales pages

  • Sample descriptions for your roadmap planner

  • Sample social posts

  • 7 day email nurture campaign with full email scripts

  • 3 day challenge with full email scripts

Chapter 9:

Sample Planner Names

  • Sample roadmap planner names for a large variety of service industries

40 Page Workbook

Workbook Worksheets

  • Discovering Unique Roadmap Planner Ideas

  • Planner Outline

  • Validating Your Planner Idea

  • Mapping & Refining Your Planner Sales Page

  • Naming Your Planner

  • Core Values Worksheet

  • Empathy Map

  • Avatar Demographics & Psychographics

  • Customer Research

  • Keyword Research

  • Social Listening

  • Competitor Analysis

  • SWOT

16 Page AI Prompts Workbook

AI Prompts Worksheets

  • Roadmap Concept Generation

  • Naming the Roadmap Planner

  • Outline Creation

  • Setting Goals and Objectives

  • Defining Key Sections

  • Content Ideas for Each Section

  • Interactive Elements Suggestions

  • Developing Actionable Strategies

  • Feedback and Reflection Prompts

  • Tips for Habit Formation

  • Design and Aesthetic Suggestions

  • Marketing Angle Development

  • Customer Testimonials Blueprint

  • Upsell Ideas

  • Personalization Features

Why is a Roadmap Planner a powerful tool for growing your business?

  • People that buy roadmaps are people ready to take action to achieve something they want.

  • They are looking for ways to improve their outcomes and are ready to make changes in their lives or businesses.

  • By giving them a mini roadmap you are helping them achieve a small transformation which can lead them to want to work with you to achieve a larger transformation.

  • They are more likely to invest in additional services that can support their personal and professional growth.

With your own Roadmap Planner, you can go...


  • Don't have a plan or system for getting new clients?

  • A step-by-step system that helps you establish instant credibility in your industry, attract your ideal clients to generate consistent revenue.

  • Tired of chasing after clients who aren't the right fit for your services?

  • Attract the kind of clients who are ready to make changes in their lives or businesses.

  • Struggling to finance your business growth?

  • Your own roadmap planner is not just a revenue stream but a strategic tool. By offering additional upsell offers on your landing pages, you can cover your advertising spend, grow your business, and make a profit.

If you want a clear, proven process and eliminate overwhelm then ...

The Roadmap Offer Method

has been developed just for you!

for Coaches, Consultants, course creators, digital marketers, Service Businesses

who want to generate a flood of new leads & get more sales

"This Roadmap Planner is responsible for helping build my community into my programs ... programs that are priced from $9/month up to $45k/year. My higher-tier clients stay with me for years. These solutions are not for everyone, only those seeking results and willing to take action to get those results. There is no fluff in any of these programs, just tested and proven industry best-practices, grit and results."

I've built a diverse career in my decades-long professional life, from computer network engineering, business intelligence, art direction to a media & photography agency. Now I lead an online digital growth company helping experts in the services sector.

Throughout my career, I've naturally become a mentor, recognized for my patience and ability for instilling clarity and value from our very first conversation. I excel at guiding individuals to uncover untapped potential and identify opportunities they haven't noticed, mistakes they may have made, all within a nurturing and supportive environment.

When I ran my agency, I noticed, that while I was able to enjoy working my own hours because of the framework, process and system I had developed and put in place, other people in my space were burning-out and not thriving. They began asking me how I was able to achieve what I did and I started sharing my process and system. It worked for them too.

Once I realized that many small service-based business owners were frequently caught in a cycle of repeating the same errors due to a lack of a framework, process, and system, I directed my expertise in marketing, systems engineering, training, mentoring, and support towards creating a tailored solution to address this specific challenge for them. In 2008, I started crafting The EXPERTS Method, originally known as Marketing MAPS. It was among the first frameworks in the market to be recognized as a best practice for service-based business models within the small business service industry.

Today, I help entrepreneurs make more money while working less time and finding new freedom by building their own frameworks along with powerful processes and systems. I'm certain my team and I can do the same for you with one of our programs.

"As solid as can be because it works!"

You want to pull up your sleeve & build your brand? Then stop shopping around. This framework is it!

- Jenn Drakes, Divintastical Living

"OMG Thank You!"

The designs are lovely! I'm currently creating weekly content for our social media platforms, thank you for the ideas!

- Judy Ann Nalopa

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Sooo much value.

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- Mariel Mojariel

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- Caryl Riley

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speaking with you for this last hour has fireworks going off in my head and my heart. I appreciate your ability to speak on this subject from both sides of your brain.

I appreciate Gosia’s ability to guide from the head and the heart.

- Veronica Ciandre, IloveIsola.com

"Excellent Customer Service!!"

- Tymesha R. Bland


Specifically Developed for a Service Business

coaches for any industry

consultants for any industry

mentors for any industry





content creators

Agencies & Marketing Experts

authors & book creators


Satisfaction guaranteed!

I'm offering you my unconditional money-back 100% guarantee if you don't find value in this planner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Ultimate Mini-Roadmap Planner Creator suitable for beginners?

Yes! It's designed to be user-friendly, even for beginners. Whether you're just starting out or have experience, you'll find the tools and resources provided intuitive and easy to use.

What kind of business does this work for?

This mini-roadmap planner has been developed specifically for service based businesses -any business which offers added value in the form of online help/information. It's great for all types of coaches, mentors, authors, course creators, consultants, online marketers.

Can I use The Ultimate Mini-Roadmap Planner Creator for multiple projects?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to create multiple roadmap planners for different projects, businesses, or target audiences. You can unlock your creativity and expand your offerings by using this versatile tool for all your planner creation needs.

My business is not online, will this still work for me?

Absolutely! You can create a physical planner, which can be offered already printed, and distributed using traditional channels like mail, delivery, or for pick up at your location.

Do you offer any other help?

We certainly do! You can reach out to our team at anytime.

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